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Chavutti Thirumal


Chavutti Thirumal means Massage by Foot Pressure, and is an Ancient Therapy for healing the body. It was developed in the Kerala region of India, where the supposed first Martial Art System in the World, as well as the traditional Temple Dance were born. The intensive fighting method, with its use of weapons, as well as the dance, resulted in strains, injuries and muscle fatigue in the practitioners, and Chavutti massage was born, to facilitate deep & thorough healing.

Chavutti differs from other methods in a few ways:

  • I use my feet to give the massage. The feet are Larger, like two hands, with stronger, denser bones, which gives a broad pressure. This covers more area, and with more of my body weight.
  • The client lies on a mat on the floor, with no clothing other than a minimal cover for the genital areas if desired, for comfort.
  • I hold a rope for balance, and to adjust pressure, which allows me the ability to stretch from the fingertips to the toes and back, in one long stroke.

The effect of the massage is one of being “Ironed Out”.  All of the muscle groups, their tendons and the joints get rubbed over, resulting in significant lengthening of the muscle fibers and relaxation of the fascia which results in the reduction in overall body tension, as well as significant movement of all body fluids, boosting Lymphatic drainage, and blood flow. It is very detoxifying.

Many people experience feeling ‘Lighter’, ‘Longer’, and/or ‘Free’, after receiving a Chavutti Massage. With multiple treatments, the body becomes very soft, supple and “juicy”, more relaxed and flexible. This is a healthy state in the body.

I recommend a minimum of 3 sessions, to set into place Real Lasting Structural Improvement, especially in the case of those suffering from poor posture or old injuries. Individuals who find it challenging to practice, exercise, or otherwise keep physically active, can greatly benefit from regular treatments.

It is also Extraordinarily Relaxing. You are kept very warm, we use warm oil, and play soothing or meditative music. You can literally let go of physical and mental tension, and rest deeply. I think you will find that the experience is considerably more effective in this sense, than most any other massage methods practiced.


“I am long time frequent user of therapeutic massage because of neck injuries and lower back stress from hours of time spent working at installing floor coverings. I was introduced to Chavutti therapeutic massage by Erin Fletcher with whom I have been getting massage work for 8 plus years.   
The first thing I noticed was the deeper more consistent pressure with the use of her feet and legs that in essence made it easier to relax into the massage.  I feel that with this Chavutti method, the muscles can be worked much deeper in a shorter amount of time, and less time of soreness and muscle recovery.  
Erin is very skilled and accomplished with this method.  At times her feet feel more like giant heavy hands.  As a person who has been the recipient of many massage sessions, I highly recommend Erin and the Chavutti method.”   – Boyd H.


We are located at 1224 S River Rd. Suite A107, in St George, UT 84790