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Mind*Body*Breath Awareness Therapy


*Bringing Body, Mind and Breath together, to cultivate greater AWARENESS*

We tend to see our perceptions, beliefs, and thoughts, as non-physical phenomena. Yet, they affect the Physical Body; and are expressed and revealed, by and through, the Physical Body. We are not necessarily fully aware of this truth, if we have not engaged in bio-feedback practices, which allow and nurture such awareness.

All movement, martial and meditation practices are, in essence, about synchronizing the Mental, Emotional and Physical Processes of our Being, with the Breath; for optimal function/performance (strength), alignment, harmony, and wellness. Obviously, we know that if we don’t breathe, we die. Yet, breathing is not simply a process of taking in Oxygen, and releasing Carbon Dioxide; it is our connection to Universal Life Force Energy.
It IS the movement of Life Force, Prana, Chi, Qi, Orgone, etc; which animates and sustains us in our life.

Through movement practices that synchronize with and use the breath, we are able to step out of the mental/emotional/physical tug-of-war that so many of us find ourselves caught in everyday in our world and lives; moving into Engaged, Active, and Relaxed Awareness of Body & Mind.
With such Awareness, we are able to meet our challenges in our life, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually; with greater ease & joy.

M*B*B*A Sessions are Custom Designed Personal Therapy Sessions for those seeking instruction, guidance and support; in developing and/or maintaining personal Self-Care Practices. My approach and philosophy is grounded in Therapeutic Applications, and my focus and intention, centered in guiding and supporting each person in improving their quality of personal wellbeing; in a dynamic, integrative, and holistic way.

You may be seeking to improve your flexibility, have a physical movement practice at your level that you can succeed with, or looking to reduce and manage physical pain and/or stress. Improve focus and mental clarity, learn and be supported in meditation practice, improve breathing; improving overall quality of life.
We can work together to nourish, enrich and empower you towards your Greatest Personal Well*Being.

Call or send an email with your personal goals, and I will contact you back to discuss a plan, for you*
Receive private guidance or book a small group (up to 3), and split the hourly rate 🙂


We are located at 1224 S River Rd. Suite A107, in St George, UT 84790