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~Deep Bodywork Therapies ~


Chavutti Thirumal

This is a Full-Body, Unclothed, Non-Draped, Oiled,
Floor (Mat) Massage Session.
-Learn more about Chavutti, on the Chavutti Thirumal  page.

 Integrative Massage

– This is a Full-Body, Unclothed, Draped, Table Massage Session
– A variety of Modalities are Integrated based on Desire and/or Customized for Personal Need:
*Hot Stones  *Russian Sports/Rehabilitative  *Neuro-Muscular Therapies
*Acupressure  as well as all techniques Erin is trained and experienced in using.

Thai Yoga Massage

– This is a Full-Body, Floor (Mat) Massage, Clothed, No Oil Massage Session.
– Each session includes Sabai Steam Herbal Ball Treatment*

– Thai, Sometimes referred to as “Lazy Man’s Yoga”, consists of Dynamic Assisted Stretching, Compression, and Energy Point Sen Treatment, combined with Powerful Breathing, which helps Liberate your body’s movement, increase flexibility, re-establishes a healthy tension point, and balances energy & posture. It is Very Detoxifying, Restoring, and Invigorating. Also very relaxing but with more activity*


~Therapeutic Massage~

Classic Traditional Swedish

Classic European Swedish Massage is relaxing, toning, and beneficial for promoting and maintaining physical/mental/emotional well being.  Recommended for Children, Healthy Individuals with NO structural imbalances, and the Elderly.

Japanese Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Shiatsu is a traditional massage treatment from Japan, which can be done clothed on a mat on the floor, or oiled, on a table. Shiatsu treats excessive and/or deficient energy movement through thumb and/or palm pressure to the Acupressure Points and meridians throughout the body to balance Chi/Qi, which is Vital Life Energy/Essence. This therapy is balancing, tension reducing and stress relieving.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage is a clinical therapy, which manipulates and assists the Lymphatic Drainage System of the Body through the very specific application of certain types of strokes in a very specific direction and order, which manually drain the Lymph throughout the vessels and nodes; thus, effectively moving the fluid through the tissues, organs and nodes, for proper detoxification & removal. The Lymph is a Circulatory System that picks up old fluid from the blood & tissues to be delivered to organs of detoxification or removed through other systems. Lymph Nodes are scattered everywhere in our body, especially concentrated around organs of elimination like the Lungs, Heart, and Digestive System. It is part of our Immune System.

Your doctor may recommend you get a Lymphatic Drainage massage, or you may want help getting over that cold that is still lingering, or to simply boost your immune system. Having a Healthy, Flowing Lymph System, will just make everything run better and more smoothly. This session is done with the client on the table, un-clothed, draped and applied without oil. It is So Gentle, So Subtle & So Relaxing, you will probably just slip into a state of sweet slumber, and that is Very Good for your Health & Wellbeing.

CranioSacral Touch Therapy

Cranio-Sacral Touch Therapy as taught by Hugh Milne, is a Gentle and Subtle Method that focuses on restoring balance in the body, by working with the flow of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid as it moves through the bony structures. The practitioner places the hands and fingers in various places throughout the body, and holds these areas with exceptionally light pressure, to discover, establish and assist any imbalances towards correction, through very subtle manipulations. Even though this is a Quiet Method, it is capable of making a huge impact.
Headaches, Structural Pain, and Psychosomatic Issues such as Anxiety, are especially helped by this method, but it has potential to benefit a multitude of conditions and issues in the body, mind and emotions. All aspects of the Whole Being are Inter-Connected.


– A Full-Body Treatment that I have created, in which Fine Leather Floggers are used to Effectively Warm Up the Tissues of the Body. I also incorporate Deep Compression to relax all of the muscle attachments, and finish with long, gliding strokes over the whole body with oil. A stand-alone treatment, or combine it with any other session.

Rhythmic Striking of the skin and muscles, or ‘Tapotement’ (done with the hands) in Swedish Massage, is a technique which brings blood to the surface, flushes the Lymphatic Fluid, and hydrates and nourishes the tissues. It simultaneously stimulates and relaxes the Nervous System, which feels Wonderful. Floggers are even more effective than hands in this regard. It Awakens, Warms, Soothes, and Numbs. It is Detoxifying, Toning to the muscles and the skin (which helps with scar tissue, cellulite, poor circulation, etc), and makes your body exceptionally more receptive and open to receive other bodywork methods.

~ Hydrotherapy & Body*Care Treatments ~


Therapeutic Body Wraps

– Therapeutic Body Wraps are a traditional European Hydrotherapy Treatment, which have been incorporated into every Spa today. The Primary effect & goal of Body Wraps is Detoxification, through an induced sweat. You are wrapped up like a burrito in blankets & Thermal Fabric for 25 minutes to get your body to heat up and sweat out toxins from deep in the tissues.

This is recommended for Overall Health, and can be done frequently enough to assist in keeping your body cleansed and supple. It is also recommended to assist in getting well, especially if you are currently sick, or have been sick and want to help your body get over it. Fevers are the body’s way of Literally Cooking Viruses & Bacteria, and flushing them out. We want to support a fever and support your body to do what it was designed to do best.

Wraps can be done Dry, Wet, Hot, Cold, with Herbs, Clays, etc, depending on desired detox effect and need.
They can be designed to help with skin conditions, including the breakdown of toxic cellulite.
Try the special of the season, or we can customize it for you. Please call for a consultation***
All Wraps include complimentary Reiki while you rest.

Truly, Naturally, Organically ~ Facials, Scalp & Hair Treatments
(non-cosmetic/non-toxic, no chemical peels or extractions)

An Herbal Facial consists of the Traditional European Spa Therapy Formula of opening the pores with moist heat, gentle cleansing and exfoliation, a therapeutic mask which is allowed to draw or soak in, depending on desired effect, and moisturizing. All products are Truly Natural (from Nature and In Nature’s Design), Organic, and based on Whole-Food & Herbal ingredients.

I create simple products from basic, natural ingredients, for custom treatment, just for you.
I also use various products made by individuals or companies that have a High Ethic and Truly Natural and Organic Quality Standard.

I carry Facial, BodyCare, and Massage products & treatments from ‘Rockin Morrocan Souk’.
I also carry ‘NEEV’ brand facial and body care products, which are created by villagers in India, based on Traditional Ayurvedic Formulas, and help to fund schools, employ impoverished women, and preserve Village Life & Ecosystems.

Please call for a consultation***

~ Mind*Body*Breath Awareness Therapy ~

– Be Guided, Encouraged, and Empowered in your Body, Mind, Heart & Life, with a physical practice at your level of need and ability, with combined Multi-Disciplinary approach including: Conscious & Mindful Movement drawing from our Inner Source, Dance, Yoga , Pranayama, Meditation and Visualization Practices, Thai Yoga Massage on target areas, and finished with Restorative Savasana.  ***Just for you***


~ Subtle Energetics Therapies & Journeywork ~

– These sessions can be Hands-On, or Hands-Off, depending on the technique, and according to needs. ***
~Reiki     ~ Crystal Reiki Balancing Session

~ True Reflection Work    ~ Personal Journeywork Guidance
(please vist for more information about this work)

It is My Honor, My Privilege, and My Joy, to Work *With* You, on your journey to Well~Being.

Erin is glad to work with each person on an individual basis to come to a Mutually Beneficial arrangement. Bodywork and Healing Arts Practitioners receive the Committed Members Rate of Less $10 on all Therapies <3  Please ask***

Thank ***YOU***

Subtle Energetic Therapies $60/Hour
Flower Essence Therapy Customized Formulation $75
ReikiMinimum 30 Minute Session
Crystal Reiki Balancing Session90 Minute Session
In*Lightened Therapies$60/Hour
Sacred Journeywork Therapies for Personal Development, Spiritual Counsel & Coaching 2 Hour Session
Sacred Wheel Journeywork Session2 Hour Session
Sacred Relationship Session $444 Includes 1 monthly supply custom Flower Essence. 4 Hour Session***
Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork$70 Hourly Rate
Integrative Table Massage (Customized)
& Deep Tissue
1 Hour Session
Chavutti Thirumal2 Hour Session
Thai Yoga Massage Therapy 1 Hour Session
Shiatsu Acupressure Treatment1 Hour Session
Classic European Swedish Massage 1 Hour Session
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy1 Hour Session
CranioSacral Touch Therapy1 Hour Session
‘Flassage’1 Hour Session
Mind*Body*Breath Awareness Therapy75 or 90 Minute Session
Hydrotherapy & Herbal BodyCare Treatments$50 Hourly Rate
Complete Detox
Treatment -
50 min Deep Tissue Swedish,
Polish, & Therapeutic Clay Wrap
2.5 Hours
Detoxifying Wrap Treatment1 Hour Treatment
Skin Polish Detox Treatment1 Hour Treatment
Love for Hands & Feet Treatment 1 Hour Treatment
Truly, Naturally, Organically ~
Facials, Scalp & Hair Treatments
1 Hour Treatment
Kambo ~ Amazon Frog Medicine $80 Group
$100 Personal
Ceremony Sessions are 3 Hour Long Personal or Group Ceremonies.
(3 sessions =
Primary Innoculation Series)


We are located at 1224 S River Rd. Suite A107, in St George, UT 84790