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IN*Lightened Therapies

Subtle Energetic Therapies

REIKI ~ Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki as it is known, is originally a Japanese Healing Art, as founded by Dr. Usui, and has since expanded worldwide as a truly beneficial & respected healing modality. Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy, which we are all connected to by the Grace of Being Alive, and it is abundantly available, everywhere, all the time.  A practitioner of Reiki is Attuned to the special “frequency” of Reiki, like an antenna, for this Abundant Healing Energy to flow through them and into others and to all of creation, in a continuous flow.  Reiki comes through from outside of the practitioner, and is drawn in to the body and field of the recipient, by the recipient, for their highest benefit. Reiki is the Healer***
The only intention of a practitioner should be for providing a safe container, and for being a Clear & Open Vessel for Pure, Amplified Life Force Energy to flow through; nourishing all with the Sweetness of Love, the Intelligence of Light, the Energy of Healing, and the Signature of Universal Peace.

Simple Individual Reiki sessions can be carried out in-person, in private sessions, or at a distance. It is equally effective from a distance as Reiki is Universal and not bound by our understanding of time & space. There are many additional benefits to personal connection. A session can be for any length, but no less than 30 minutes is recommended for maximum benefit.

Crystal Reiki Balancing Sessions

Chakra, the Ancient Saskrit word for ‘Spinning Disc/Vortex’ and ‘Wheel’, is the name given to describe the places in our body and energetic field where there is accumulation and movement of Universal Life Force Energy, or Prana. It is accepted that these Energy Centers, particularly the Primary Chakras of our Central Column, have their own particular purpose and function and also work simultaneously and cooperatively, keeping our energy system, and thus material body, in balance. Each of our Biological Endocrine Glands corresponds to the 7 Primary Chakras that are widely known and recognized, as well as happen to also be located where large Nerve Innervation sites exist in the body.

It is taught that each Chakra is like a Blossom, with the flower opening to our front, and it’s root, reaching out to the back. Ideally, each Chakra would be open, allowing for the root to draw Prana and Pranic Information in from our Auric Field, and then easily expressing it out into the world and nourishing our field, as a flower bud sharing it’s sweet nectar.
A closed Chakra does not take up or express the energy from the field in a cohesive manner with the rest of the system, and this can result in excess energy in some places, with other places becoming stagnant. Excessive or Deficient Energy Flow through our system due to blocked energy movement will result in imbalances, at the least, and potential illness, at worst. Think about what happens in a pool of water that doesn’t flow, or a river that is running dry…
Everything we are in the Material/Physical World, is what is being expressed by our Energetic Blueprint.
Studying Chakras is a very interesting, multi-faceted, and constantly emerging field of modern science, as well. All Eastern Healing Philosophies are centered around clearing blockages to keep the systems of the Whole Person free-flowing and in balance.

Crystal Reiki Balancing sessions include the use of crystals (natures energy antennae), essential oils and Specially Attuned Crystal Reiki Frequencies, to clear, tune & charge up your Energy System, assisting Life to Flow Through you. The use of Harmonizing Vibrations are incorporated such as the hand-drum, Tibetan Singing Bowls & Tingsha bells, as well as vocal toning.

Sacred Journey Work

Most of us have grown, as an effect of our conditioning & other life experiences, far away from our ‘Center’. Away from our Core, and from our ‘True Self’. As a result, many of us come into adulthood, feeling lost, unsure of our life purpose, and at the mercy of the world; with situations & circumstances that are out of our control, affecting our sense of well-being. This can last a lifetime and be carried into the grave with us, if we continue on unaware & dis-empowered.

When we come to see life as an opportunity to not only learn & grow, which is a given, but the opportunity to experience life fully, where all experience is welcome; we come into our Own Center, the Center of it ALL. From this place, the core of our True Self, we can live life fully, with Ease & Grace, In*Powered to ***BE*** A Master of The Full Experience.
It is said that life is a journey not a destination, and we agree. We are a constantly unfolding processes of becoming; with every moment, a new opportunity to create the life of our dreams. Dream more clearly and with intention, and watch your life respond according to your beliefs & perceptions.

Sacred Relationship ~ Self-Development Session

Relationships are essential to our understanding and development of Self, throughout our life. We need A Self, to operate in this Physical Life. Being In Relationship to another, means an opportunity to See and Know My Own Self, more Truly, more fully. Relationships are our opportunity for Self-Reflection, through the Eyes of Another. Journey through your own life story to discover the underlying themes in the Relationships that you Have had, Do Have, and will Tend to Continue Having. Explore what you are looking for, what you want, what you are attracting, and what you need to be balanced & content in all your relationships.

Sync Up & Sync In with your partner, deeper than ever before. Exploring the Tool of the Sacred Mirror of Duality, and dancing the dance of Sacred Partnership, we can come to realize Balance, Cooperation, and Co-Creative Bliss; Together***

Sessions are Self-Directed, with prompts guided by us as facilitators, and with the use of various tools and techniques to encourage release/resolution and come to complete forgiveness through the wisdom teachings of Ho’Oponopono. The nature of this work cannot be bound and limited by time, and as such, please anticipate 3-5 hours for your session, depending on the person/couple and their process.
We carry out each session as a husband-wife team, and the suggested contribution to us to facilitate this healing service for you, is $222 for an average of 4 hours*

Sacred Wheel Journeys 

Using the “Time-less” tool of the Sacred Medicine Wheel, everything is represented as part of, & contained within, the ‘Whole’. A Journey around a Sacred Medicine Wheel is an exploration of Non-Linear, Cyclical Time. All of Nature expresses these cyclical patterns in the manifestation of form, as expressed in Daily & Seasonal Rhythms, the growth of plants, and the Spiral Helix of our DNA. We are Constantly unfolding and changing form and Wheels, give us a way to explore these patterns intimately. They give us the ‘Big’ Picture, The ‘Whole Story’. They show us the cycles of our life and processes, our ideas as they play out, our challenges and how to overcome them, and the solutions. Every Sacred Wheel Journey leads us Always, into, or back to, our Center.

We have many ways to facilitate your personal work with the use of the Sacred Wheel. Sessions are individual, and 2 hours allows the journey to be complete.

Life Path-   Journey from your birth, and explore your own growth. Walk your life path on the Sacred Wheel to travel into the Past, Explore your Future and Find Your Center, in the Present. Align with your ‘calling’ in life, through experiential Self-Discovery, and the guidance of our Own Higher-Inner Knowing.

Wheel of Solutions –  Learn the Cycles of our learning processes to find where we are now, how we have come to this place, how we have navigated similar issues in the past, the possible outcomes and affects of our choices/actions. Know what we presently face, and how to respond most effectively, while staying true to our our self, our path, and our own well-being.

Wheel of Creation –  Work through Ideas, goals, visions or any challenge, from inception to Completion, knowing that things are always unfolding and enfolding. See if there is sustainability, & how it cans serve ourselves, others, and the world. What actions, attitudes, and or resources are needed or we can do without.

Wheel of Growth –  Follow your path from seed, to blossom, to fruit, to seed again. From egg, to caterpiller, through shedding, then chrysalis, and into a butterfly. These Metaphors are powerful Journeywork tools to understand yourself and your process, your growth and your creations.

There are as many ways to use the wheel as we have needs or imagination.

Til then, Friend, Be Well***


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